Tuesday, April 01, 2008

.NET Interview questions and Answers: 11


  1. What is UML?
  2. How many types of diagrams are there in UML ?
  3. Twist :- Explain in short all types of diagrams in UML ?
  4. What are advantages of using UML?
  5. Twist: - What is Modeling and why UML ?
  6. What’s the sequence of UML diagrams in project?
  7. Twist: - How did you implement UML in your project?
  8. Just a small Twist: - Do I need all UML diagrams in a project?
  9. Give a small brief explanation of all Elements in activity diagrams?
  10. Explain Different elements of a collaboration diagram ?
  11. Explain Component diagrams ?
  12. Explain all parts of a deployment diagram?
  13. Describe various components in sequence diagrams?
  14. What are the element in State Chart diagrams ?
  15. Describe different elements in Static Chart diagrams ?
  16. Explain different elements of a Use Case ?
  17. Twist: - What’s difference between Activity and sequence diagrams?(I leave this to the readers)

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