Tuesday, April 01, 2008

.NET Interview questions and Answers: 2

.NET Interoperability
.NET Interoperability

  1. How can we use COM Components in .NET?
  2. Twist : What is RCW ?
  3. Once i have developed the COM wrapper do i have to still register the COM in registry?
  4. How can we use .NET components in COM?
  5. Twist :- What is CCW (COM callable wrapper) ?, What caution needs to be taken in order that .NET components is compatible with COM ?
  6. How can we make Windows API calls in .NET?
  7. When we use windows API in .NET is it managed or unmanaged code ?
  8. What is COM ?
  9. What is Reference counting in COM ?
  10. Can you describe IUKNOWN interface in short ?
  11. Can you explain what is DCOM ?
  12. How do we create DCOM object in VB6?
  13. How to implement DTC in .NET ?
  14. How many types of Transactions are there in COM + .NET ?
  15. How do you do object pooling in .NET ?
  16. What are types of compatibility in VB6?
  17. What is equivalent for regsvr32 exe in .NET ?

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