Tuesday, April 01, 2008

.NET Interview questions and Answers: 4

Remoting and Webservices

  1. What is a application domain?
  2. What is .NET Remoting ?
  3. Which class does the remote object has to inherit ?
  4. What are two different types of remote object creation mode in .NET ?
  5. Describe in detail Basic of SAO architecture of Remoting?
  6. What are the situations you will use singleton architecture in remoting ?
  7. What is fundamental of published or precreated objects in Remoting ?
  8. What are the ways client can create object on server in CAO model ?
  9. Are CAO stateful in nature ?
  10. In CAO model when we want client objects to be created by “NEW” keyword is there
  11. any precautions to be taken ?
  12. Is it a good design practice to distribute the implementation to Remoting Client ?
  13. What is LeaseTime,SponsorshipTime ,RenewonCallTime and LeaseManagerPollTime?
  14. Which config file has all the supported channels/protocol ?
  15. How can you specify remoting parameters using Config files ?
  16. Can Non-Default constructors be used with Single Call SAO?
  17. Twist :- What are the limitation of constructors for Single call SAO ?
  18. How can we call methods in remoting Asynchronously ?
  19. What is Asynchronous One-Way Calls ?
  20. What is marshalling and what are different kinds of marshalling ?
  21. What is ObjRef object in remoting ?
  22. What is a WebService ?
  23. What is UDDI ?
  24. What is DISCO ?
  25. What is WSDL?
  26. What the different phase/steps of acquiring a proxy object in Webservice ?
  27. What is file extension of Webservices ?
  28. Which attribute is used in order that the method can be used as WebService?
  29. What are the steps to create a webservice and consume it ?
  30. Do webservice have state ?

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